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Your audience isn’t in the best of spirits. You need a message to uplift them.

Everybody’s Zoom’ed out. You don’t want anyone just appearing before a webcam. You need to make sure the presentation is as engaging and professional as live. Nick has you covered.

Before any presentation, Nick always sets up a pre-event conference call with everyone involved in the planning process. He does this so he understands the audience he’s speaking to. He wants to be as prepared as possible to leave a message that will lead to the most effective & positive change for everyone at the event. Whoever is involved, whether it’s student leaders, school administrators or corporate professionals, Nick welcomes everyone on the call because he understands it’s YOUR conference. You deserve to have the program to be how YOU want it!

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From lighting to high-definition cameras, Nick has researched, collaborated and consulted with the right people to have everything he needs to give a top-quality virtual presentation your audience will truly remember. See for yourself!

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It was the best presentation I’ve seen to date.
- Gary Licalzi
Music Teacher, South Kortright Central School
Nick was a hit with our student audience. We really appreciated the extra effort he put into making his presentation something to remember.
- Heidi Walsh
Program Director at SkillsUSA
One of the best youth presenters I’ve ever seen in nearly 2 decades in the business.
- Jason Hewlett
Hall of Fame Speaker
The moment he stepped on stage he connected and captivated the students, so much so that he received two standing ovations.
- Cole
NSA Youth Counselor
From start to finish, Nick is a person that I recommend for working with school audiences without hesitation. He is professional, respectful, relatable, and above all else, passionate about inspiring students- exactly the role model that many of our youth need in today’s world.
- Rachel Wright
Professional Learning Specialist, ONC BOCES
Nick’s day at our school created memories that will last a lifetime.
- Christine Heinig
Academic Coach, Owen D Young
Nick is real, and connects to students in a way that many speakers don’t, the standing ovation at the end of his presentation is proof of that.
- Kelli Kennedy
Assistant Director for CTE, Manatee County School District
Nick did an amazing job and held everyone in the audience so well you could hear a pin drop. I was never left in the dark through communicating with him and most importantly, he left a message that truly made a difference for our students.
- Bruce Potter
SkillsUSA NY Director
Definition of someone who can tell a story and change a life.
- Emanuel C.
Student, Hartford Community College
Nick’s animated personality, commanding presence, and overall sincere demeanor gained him the respect of both my students and staff so much that he received a standing ovation at the close of his story!
- Carrie Auffrey
Assistant Principal at Holyoke High School
His presentation captivates and engages the audience from start to finish and his authenticity and fun personality makes students feel like they can truly connect with him. Nick was such a joy to work with!
- Emily Harris
Coordinator of Orientation & New Student Programs, University of North Texas
It was our pleasure to have Nick with us and we hope to have him back again next year. I would highly recommend him!
- Hank Girardin
Assistant Principal at West Springfield High School
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