• Gary Licalzi

    It was the best presentation I’ve seen to date.
    - Gary Licalzi
    Music Teacher, South Kortright Central School 5 Star Rating
  • Heidi Walsh

    Nick was a hit with our student audience. We really appreciated the extra effort he put into making his presentation something to remember.
    - Heidi Walsh
    Program Director at SkillsUSA 5 Star Rating
  • Jason Hewlett

    One of the best youth presenters I’ve ever seen in nearly 2 decades in the business.
    - Jason Hewlett
    Hall of Fame Speaker 5 Star Rating
  • Cole

    The moment he stepped on stage he connected and captivated the students, so much so that he received two standing ovations.
    - Cole
    NSA Youth Counselor 5 Star Rating
  • Rachel Wright

    From start to finish, Nick is a person that I recommend for working with school audiences without hesitation. He is professional, respectful, relatable, and above all else, passionate about inspiring students- exactly the role model that many of our youth need in today’s world.
    - Rachel Wright
    Professional Learning Specialist, ONC BOCES 5 Star Rating
  • Christine Heinig

    Nick’s day at our school created memories that will last a lifetime.
    - Christine Heinig
    Academic Coach, Owen D Young 5 Star Rating
  • Kelli Kennedy

    Nick is real, and connects to students in a way that many speakers don’t, the standing ovation at the end of his presentation is proof of that.
    - Kelli Kennedy
    Assistant Director for CTE, Manatee County School District 5 Star Rating
  • Bruce Potter

    Nick did an amazing job and held everyone in the audience so well you could hear a pin drop. I was never left in the dark through communicating with him and most importantly, he left a message that truly made a difference for our students.
    - Bruce Potter
    SkillsUSA NY Director 5 Star Rating
  • Emmanuel C.

    Definition of someone who can tell a story and change a life.
    - Emanuel C.
    Student, Hartford Community College 5 Star Rating
  • Carrie Auffrey

    Nick’s animated personality, commanding presence, and overall sincere demeanor gained him the respect of both my students and staff so much that he received a standing ovation at the close of his story!
    - Carrie Auffrey
    Assistant Principal at Holyoke High School 5 Star Rating
  • Emily Harris

    His presentation captivates and engages the audience from start to finish and his authenticity and fun personality makes students feel like they can truly connect with him. Nick was such a joy to work with!
    - Emily Harris
    Coordinator of Orientation & New Student Programs, University of North Texas 5 Star Rating
  • Ricci Hall

    Nick has a gift of public speaking. More specifically, he has a facility with telling a story and motivating others…As you know, impressing middle school students and keeping their attention is sometimes no easy feat. Yet, the students were so engaged with his story and the style he used to tell it; they were profoundly impacted… In speaking to students who left the assembly, I was approached by countless students. They all implored me to have Nick come back and speak to others.
    - Ricci Hall
    Principal , Claremont Academy 5 Star Rating
  • Dr. Cynthia Kennedy

    I highly recommend Nick Tokman as a featured speaker for your organization. He is able to understand the legwork it takes to be a successful presenter and his message is from the heart and his own experiences.
    - Dr. Cynthia Kennedy
    Director of Intervention & Acceleration, Athol-Royalston Regional School District 5 Star Rating
  • William Pryor IV

    Nick will challenge you to be speculative of your decisions and your dreams, and he will also encourage you to believe in yourself.
    - William Pryor IV
    Student, NODA, Shrowback Throwback 5 Star Rating
  • Jennifer Litchfield

    Nick’s story is inspiring and genuine. He demonstrates his ability to overcome adversity and shows how drive and perseverance can ultimately lead to success.
    - Jennifer Litchfield
    AUG The Exchange, Executive Director 5 Star Rating
  • Hank Girardin

    It was our pleasure to have Nick with us and we hope to have him back again next year. I would highly recommend him!
    - Hank Girardin
    Assistant Principal at West Springfield High School 5 Star Rating
  • Dr. Penny Joyner Waddell

    It is rare to find a speaker blessed with compassion for youth and a passion to share a personal story laced with real-world implications. He artfully crafted a speech that delicately wove a stunning tapestry of past choices, challenges, and adversities leading to his present circumstances. Nick used these points to motivate thousands of young men and women to consider the future and empowered them to believe in their own potential. His conversational speaking style, soul-bearing story, and true compassion for young people created a clear message that left us breathless!
    - Dr. Penny Joyner Waddell
    Dean of Education, Gwinnett Technical College 5 Star Rating
  • Michael P. Naglieri

    Nick’s most effective attributes as a speaker were his approachability and his honesty. He took the time to answer every question, giving each student his undivided attention. Sixth graders can be shy, but our students took to him right away. I would recommend Nick without hesitation
    - Michael P. Naglieri
    Television Production Teacher, Birchland Park Middle School 5 Star Rating
  • Dawn Rodgers

    This is a school that services students who are at risk of not graduating due to academic reasons, poor attendance or social-emotional issues that hinder their progress. Needless to say when you are dealing with a large group, many who have severe behavioral problems, and you could hear a pin drop, Nick is quite engaging and interactive.
    - Dawn Rodgers
    Counselor, High School of Commerce 5 Star Rating
  • “Chubbs”

    Thank you for coming to our school and sharing your story. It meant a lot to me. I took your story as a reason to do what I want to do. So I enlisted in the army and was sworn in on 12-09-15 do [sic] to your story of following your dreams…
    - “Chubbs”
    Student, Franklin County Technical School 5 Star Rating
  • Heidi E. Drawec

    The students loved his message and they flocked to him when he visited the cafeteria during lunches to interact with the students…Nick will deliver a positive message to your student body, and the students will be engaged in the presentation and afterward.
    - Heidi E. Drawec
    Assistant Principal, Minnechaug Regional High School 5 Star Rating
  • Michelle Keating

    Nick Tokman visited our school on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 to convey his experience to our students on the television series, The Deadliest Catch. Nick is a true storyteller that captured his audience of fourth and fifth grade students with his hilarious tales of setbacks and perseverance. His spectacular photographs of life in Alaska and inspirational message grabbed the attention of our students. Nick sincerely enjoyed greeting and signing autographs for each of our scholars. The Indian Orchard Elementary students were inspired by Nick’s message embracing your dreams and going to great lengths to achieve them! It was a pleasure
    - Michelle Keating
    English Language Arts Instructional Leadership Specialist, Indian Orchard Elementary School 5 Star Rating
  • Jacqueline Lozada

    Your inspirational and motivational message is exactly what our youth needed to hear. You see, our youth think that they are destined to remain in Holyoke and that there aren’t any other options for them. You opened their eyes and ears with your adventures.
    - Jacqueline Lozada
    Director, Holyoke Safe and Successful Youth Initiative 5 Star Rating
  • Raye M. Young

    To my delight, he has inspired my classes with passion, energy, and grit to setting and accomplishing goals and following personal dreams. As part of his motivational talk, he gives away the book “The Alchemist” to a lucky student. This gesture motivated our English Department to include the book within their curriculum reading list.
    - Raye M. Young
    MBA Business Educator, Franklin County Technical School 5 Star Rating
  • Thaddeus Tokarz

    I strongly endorse Nick Tokman and unquestionably believe that his story and message should be heard by students of all ages.
    - Thaddeus Tokarz
    Principal, Springfield Central High School 5 Star Rating
  • Heather Robison

    Nick’s presentation was perfect for HOBY’s Advanced Leadership Academy. He worked with me for months leading up to the event to make sure he understood the message we were looking for and he certainly took it to the next level. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for an engaging and impactful speaker.
    - Heather Robison
    Leadership Seminar Chair, HOBY 5 Star Rating
  • Timothy Harty

    Nick has appeared in several local school districts with equal success. I strongly recommend him as a speaker, especially for a middle school and high school audience.
    - Timothy Harty
    Teacher, John R. Fausey School 5 Star Rating
  • Hope

    Usually during school presentations I get bored out of my mind, but Mr. Nick kept his presentation upbeat and funny, so I never got distracted or bored!
    - Hope
    Student, Beatrice H. Wood School 5 Star Rating
  • Chuck Garcia

    He blew the students away with his story, insight, and advice! Nick is a commanding and captivating speaker who established an amazing connection with his audience. He is also an enthralling powerhouse who inspired and motivated the students to push out of their comfort zones as they contemplate the next chapters in their lives. The students were left with a gripping and enthralling call to action as they hung on every word. I highly recommend Nick to any organization looking for an extraordinary communicator who can move an audience to unexpected places.
    - Chuck Garcia
    Professor, Mercy College 5 Star Rating
  • Benjamin Rose

    His stories of perseverance and dedication to a single vision are inspiring and relatable. I strongly support Nick as a public speaker and social motivator.
    - Benjamin Rose
    Owner, Mass Appeal Coffee 5 Star Rating
  • Michele M. Pecoraro

    Nick Tokman was the dinner speaker at our Bass & Blue fishing tournament, a fundraiser for Plymouth 400. Not only was he incredibly thorough in his research about our organization, he tied it into his talk beautifully so our message and his were seamlessly integrated. Nick is very easy to work with and his “sunny” personality makes the experience a pleasure for everyone he meets. During the weekend Nick was a great sport, meeting and greeting kids and adults alike at several of our weekend events with his positive outlook and kind words. Our audience loved his presentation and we were thrilled to work with him.
    - Michele M. Pecoraro
    Executive Director, Plymouth 400 5 Star Rating
  • Tina Wixsom

    We were initially impressed with Nick’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor, but what stood out most was his ability to relate his message to our kids. Nick is an exceptionally hardworking, top-performing professional. He has my highest recommendation…
    - Tina Wixsom
    Associate Director, Boys and Girls Club of The Berkshires 5 Star Rating
  • Dr. Elizabeth J. Bienia

    Nick Tokman came to Glickman Elementary School to inspire the fifth grade students and it was a successful visit. His inspirational message of pursuing your dreams and not giving up was clear and not lost on the students and staff alike. Their questions at the end proved they had understood his passion and believed that they, too, could follow their dreams. Nick is a talented man with a story to share…one that resonates with students and adults alike.
    - Dr. Elizabeth J. Bienia
    Principal, Glickman Elementary School 5 Star Rating
  • Vicki Ferrence Ray

    Thank you Nick for coming to speak at HOBY’s Advanced Leadership Academy. Your message of perseverance, honesty, and being true to one’s self was perfect for our group. And you were a professional and a pleasure to work with too!
    - Vicki Ferrence Ray
    Chief National Programs Officer, Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) 5 Star Rating
  • Jennifer McQuade, M.Ed.

    [Nick] was energetic and was able to get his message across to the kids in a way which they listened. I would recommend him as a motivational speaker; his enthusiasm and personality sold his message.
    - Jennifer McQuade, M.Ed.
    Dean of Students, Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy 5 Star Rating
  • Kyle Betters

    Nick, or Sunshine as some people know him, effectively engaged his audience of teens and was able to carry out his message in a fun and meaningful way. It is not easy to keep a group of teens interested in something for a long period of time, but Nick was able to do this with ease.
    - Kyle Betters
    Advisor, Pittsfield Family YMCA 5 Star Rating
  • Meirion George

    Many members of the audience left with happy faces, the others begged their teachers to delay class so that they could meet Nick in person to seek additional information about his life’s journey.
    - Meirion George
    Director of Athletics and Former Dean of Students, The MacDuffie School 5 Star Rating
  • Alexandra Clines

    Nick was such an engaging and dynamic speaker! He presents his inspiring message about following your dream and overcoming obstacles in such a friendly and relatable manner and his positive “Sunshine” energy shines through from start to finish. Our students were highly engaged throughout his presentation and is truly due to his ability to connect with the audience. He really made them a part of the assembly, not speaking at them but asking questions and drawing them in. They left feeling motivated and, of course, thrilled to have met a TV star!
    - Alexandra Clines
    Assistant Principal, Zanetti Montessori School 5 Star Rating
  • Chuck Taylor

    Nick, you brought your real world experience to our students at Providence Creek Academy Charter School. The words you used and your enthusiasm was very apparent. The students were engaged, not only during the assembly but also during lunch and the visits to their classrooms. The message that a person can do “anything they want” resonated to our students and staff. Thank you for sharing.
    - Chuck Taylor
    Head of School, Retired, Providence Creek Academy 5 Star Rating
  • Nicole Lucas

    I can say without reservation that Nick possesses an uncommon gift for speaking and connecting with youth while inspiring them to follow their dreams. The youth immediately felt comfortable listening to Nick and were empowered by him.
    - Nicole Lucas
    Director of Development, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holyoke 5 Star Rating
  • Deborah Sarkesian

    Nick’s message was real and relevant to the students.  Sharing his struggles resonated with the kids which caused conversation after the assembly.  His energy and enthusiasm kept the students engaged and allowed them to really identify with the message of going after your dreams no matter what obstacles you face.  Nick also spent time going to each class to answer questions and the students were excited to meet him and were so thankful to receive an autographed picture.
    - Deborah Sarkesian
    Principal, Sandia Academy 5 Star Rating
  • Katherine O’Fallon

    Nick blew away not only the students, but our faculty as well, with his story telling and ability to connect with our kids. He inspired our kids by sharing his story and made a huge impact with his message…be yourself, be true to yourself, and follow your dreams! I was impressed that he was able to connect so easily with my middle school kids and keep them engaged through the whole presentation. I know they were bummed when he ended because they wanted to hear more. New River Middle was very honored to have Nick share life lessons with our kids. Thanks Nick!
    - Katherine O'Fallon
    Magnet Coordinator, New River Middle School 5 Star Rating
  • Thomas Gaffigan

    Nick’s most effective attributes as a speaker were his approachability and his honesty. He took the time to answer every question, giving each student his undivided attention. Sixth graders can be shy, but our students took to him right away. I would recommend Nick without hesitation
    - Thomas Gaffigan
    Television Production Teacher, Birchland Park Middle School 5 Star Rating
  • Dawn Jagannath

    Though Nick was here to present to the students, I found myself engrossed in his speech. Even as an adult I left the presentation feeling inspired to achieve more in my own life…He spoke about his failures, and how those failures led him to success because he persevered.
    - Dawn Jagannath
    Teacher, Beatrice H. Wood School 5 Star Rating
  • Deb Mueller

    I can’t stress enough what an honor and pleasure it was to have Nick Tokman present to the students in our school. He did three presentations for different age groups and each one was tailored to perfection for the audience. While the message of setting and goals working to achieve them is always relevant, it was Nick’s tireless preparation ahead of time that led to hitting the target in the bull’s eye. His authenticity and sincerity unparalleled. He is engaging and entertaining while clearly communicating that life is serious business. Our students and staff are richer individuals for heaving had the opportunity to hear Nick speak.
    - Deb Mueller
    Arts in Education Coordinator, Stamford Central School 5 Star Rating

Many Students Ask Themselves…

“Why can’t I just be me and be accepted for it? Am I good enough?”

Nick is not a stereotypical “follow your dreams” speaker. The presentation is focused to address issues such as dropouts, student involvement, class performance and preparing students for their future.

Interested in Having Nick Speak?

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