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Nick learned when you’re on a boat, you’re not just an employee

 You are a part owner. You do whatever you can to make the operation smoother.

Your employees are among your company’s most valuable assets. Your success depends on their ability to perform at the highest level; in turn, their ability to perform optimally depends in large part on motivation and morale.

Professional speaker Nick Tokman shares his experiences before, during, and after his time on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch to illustrate how a single person can impact an organization.

Nick empowers employees to remove distractions and negativity, enabling them to their sense of purpose, reach their highest potential and make significant contributions to an organization.

Whether it’s a fishing vessel in the Bering Sea or a Fortune 500 company, the concept is the same. Nick’s presentation is designed to boost productivity, innovation and to improve morale.

Whether you want your event live or virtual, Nick has you covered.

Attendees will learn:

  • Overcome obstacles and adversity
  • Pursue their goals and ideas
  • Focus on their contributions to the workplace
  • Value constructive criticism
  • Take ownership & accountability in an organization
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It was the best presentation I’ve seen to date.
- Gary Licalzi
Music Teacher, South Kortright Central School
I highly recommend Nick Tokman as a featured speaker for your organization. He is able to understand the legwork it takes to be a successful presenter and his message is from the heart and his own experiences.
- Dr. Cynthia Kennedy
Director of Intervention & Acceleration, Athol-Royalston Regional School District
Nick’s story is inspiring and genuine. He demonstrates his ability to overcome adversity and shows how drive and perseverance can ultimately lead to success.
- Jennifer Litchfield
AUG The Exchange, Executive Director
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