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“Many members of the audience left with happy faces, the others begged their teachers to delay class so that they could meet Nick in person to seek additional information about his life’s journey.”

Meirion George

Director of Athletics and Former Dean of Students , The MacDuffie School

“…when you are dealing with a large group, many who have severe behavioral problems, and you could hear a pin drop, Nick is quite engaging and interactive.”

Dawn Rodgers

Mentor and retired Counselor and Graduation Coach, High School of Commerce

“From our first contact, Nick was extremely easy to work with. I was impressed with his professionalism and enthusiasm. He returned all my calls in a timely fashion, once he even called me from the boat he was working on in Alaska!”

Thomas Gaffigan

Assistant Principal, Greenfield High School

“Nick’s most effective attributes as a speaker were his approachability and his honesty. He took the time to answer every question, giving each student his undivided attention. Sixth graders can be shy, but our students took to him right away.”

Michael P. Naglieri

Television Production Teacher, Birchland Park Middle School

“Usually during school presentations I get bored out of my mind, but Mr. Nick kept his presentation upbeat and funny, so I never got distracted or bored.”


Sudent, Beatrice H. Wood School

“Though Nick was here to present to the students, I found myself engrossed in his speech. Even as an adult I left the presentation feeling inspired to achieve more in my own life…He spoke about his failures, and how those failures led him to success because he persevered.”

Dawn Jagannath

Teacher, Beatrice H. Wood School

“Nick’s presentation was funny and inspiring and the kids absolutely loved him….His story is one of hard work and perseverance and students were able to relate to his ‘regular guy’ persona. His humble unassuming attitude resonates with kids.”

Hank Girardin

Assistant Principal, West Springfield High School History Department

“Nick had stopped into my office looking for an opportunity to get involved with our programs. Right from the opening handshake, Nick’s passion and self-drive were very evident. His stories of perseverance and dedication to a single vision are inspiring and relatable.”

Benjamin Rose

Owner and Operator , Mass Appeal Coffee

“[Nick] was energetic and was able to get his message across to the kids in a way which they listened. I would recommend him as a motivational speaker; his enthusiasm and personality sold his message.”

Jennifer McQuade, M.Ed.

Dean of Students, Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy

“Nick, or Sunshine as some people know him, effectively engaged his audience of teens and was able to carry out his message in a fun and meaningful way. It is not easy to keep a group of teens interested in something for a long period of time, but Nick was able to do this with ease.”

Kyle Betters

Pittsfield Family YMCA

“We were initially impressed with Nick’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor, but what stood out most was his ability to relate his message to our kids…Nick is an exceptionally hardworking, top-performing professional. He has my highest recommendation…”

Tina Wixsom

Associate Director, Boys & Girls Club of The Berkshires

“[Nick] explained how sacrifices need to be made to make his dreams come true by explaining he didn’t listen to his family to make his dreams come true. He also explained how you need to be persistent because you will fail many times before you succeed…”



“The students loved his message and they flocked to him when he visited the cafeteria during lunches to interact with the students…Nick will deliver a positive message to your student body, and the students will be engaged in the presentation and afterward.”

Heidi E. Drawec

Assistant Principal , Minnechaug Regional High School

“Your inspirational and motivational message is exactly what our youth needed to hear. You see, our youth think that they are destined to remain in Holyoke and that there aren’t any other options for them. You opened their eyes and ears with your adventures.”

Jacqueline Lozada

Director, Holyoke Safe and Successful Youth Initiative

“[Nick’s] animated personality, commanding presence, and overall sincere demeanor gained him the respect of both my students and staff so much that he received a standing ovation at the close of his story! Pamela Nadeau, one of our guidance counselors, said, ‘Nick’s presentation to our seniors was high energy and exciting. His message about perseverance and hard work was motivating for our seniors about to graduate!’”

Carrie Auffrey

Assistant Principal, Holyoke High School

“I can say without reservation that Nick possesses an uncommon gift for speaking and connecting with youth while inspiring them to follow their dreams… The youth immediately felt comfortable listening to Nick and were empowered by him. He also impressed me with his willingness to listen to the youth and respond positively to all of their questions.”

Nicole Lucas

Director of Development, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holyoke

“To my delight, he has inspired my classes with passion, energy, and grit to setting and accomplishing goals and following personal dreams. As part of his motivational talk, he gives away the book “The Alchemist” to a lucky student. This gesture motivated our English Department to include the book within their curriculum reading list.”

Raye M. Young

MBA Business Educator, Franklin County Technical School

“Thank you for coming to our school and sharing your story. It meant a lot to me. I took your story as a reason to do what I want to do. So I enlisted in the army and was sworn in on 12-09-15 do [sic] to your story of following your dreams…”


Student, Franklin County Technical School

“Very notable was the way Nick connected with his audience. He immediately established a strong rapport with the kids and effectively delivered his message about following your dreams… I strongly recommend him as a speaker, especially for a middle school and high school audience.”

Tim Harty

Teacher, John R. Fausey School

“Nick has a gift of public speaking. More specifically, he has a facility with telling a story and motivating others…As you know, impressing middle school students and keeping their attention is sometimes no easy feat. Yet, the students were so engaged with his story and the style he used to tell it; they were profoundly impacted… In speaking to students who left the assembly, I was approached by countless students. They all implored me to have Nick come back and speak to others.”

Ricci Hall

Principal , Claremont Academy

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